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Living the Porsche

Conceived, produced, filmed and post produced by SoDUS, ‘LIVING THE PORSCHE’ was our first feature length documentary production.

Independently funded by SoDUS, it was born out of our Creative Director’s (David Hutton) love for Porsches, in all their shapes, models and sizes. He soon found out that this love is shared by many, uncovering a die-hard Porsche community.

Through our central documentary subject, Grant Geelan of Autohaus Hamilton, ‘LIVING THE PORSCHE’ lifts the hood on his journey to becoming a Porsche fanatic and the Porsche clients he now services. Different people, different Porsches, yet all sharing the same enthusiasm and love for the brand.

SoDUS had it’s first ever big screen premiere with ‘LIVING THE PORSCHE’, inviting cast, clients and Porsche lovers to Hoyts Entertainment to enjoy the film. Secondary screenings then followed in selected cinemas, before launching the film on YouTube.

To date, ‘LIVING THE PORSCHE’ has been viewed almost 170,000 on YouTube. It remains one of the most successful independent car documentaries and continues to gain commendation.

Overall, not bad for a project that started with one man and the love he has for his car.

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